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Leading Providers of Regenerative Medicine Training & Technology

Helping Physicians Transition to a Cash-Based Practice Model with Regenerative Medicine

As his protocols and products evolved, Dr. Piccirillo began consulting with other practices, teaching them how to go from an insurance-based concept to a cash practice model with Regenerative Medicine. Today, he and his team are working with over 200 practices worldwide, and we are proud to have assembled what they feel are the best products currently available.

Since we are well-respected on the regenerative platform, we are able to vet out all the new technology in the marketplace. Regenerative medicine and PRP training are one of our main focuses, and we have partnered with some of the best doctors around the country, to provide PRP training for the practices they are working with.

We are a one-stop consulting company, providing products, equipment, training, and marketing to practices already in the regenerative field, or those who want to develop that niche in their practice.

Jeffrey Piccirillo, D.O.

What We Do

Regenerative Medical Associates, based in Ocala, Florida, is one of the leading providers of regenerative medicine training and technology in the world. Dr. Jeffrey Piccirillo, its founder, and CEO, is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon, and one of the pioneers in PRP. After closing his orthopedic surgery practice in 2008 and concerting his practice to a cash-based model, Dr. Piccirillo opened The Center for Total Wellness in Grinnell, IA, focusing on the restoration of health, not the treatment of disease. He began developing PRP and stem cell protocols to treat orthopedic conditions such as arthritis, tendon, and ligamentous injuries.

To date, Regenerative Medical Associates has helped over 200 practices throughout the United States shift to a cash-based regenerative medicine practice. We also feel we have the best, leading-edge devices, biologic, regenerative medicine training, and protocol currently available in the regenerative space.

Contact us for a FREE consultation on how you can get started implementing these same protocols and shift to a cash-based model in your practice.

Our Training Partners

Seiler Skin Aesthetic Institute


Cellular Medicine Association

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